Most Profitable Bitcoin Traders: In which country are the most profitable bitcoin traders in the world?

Most Profitable Bitcoin Traders: In which country are the most profitable bitcoin traders in the world? Show a recent survey you took with animate Invezz. It is an online investment news and education portal. Switzerland currently has the highest traded Bitcoin profitability in the world. France has the highest percentage of traders investing in cryptocurrencies.

On April 14, the platform released research that included analysis of a data set from the company Blockchain Chainalysis Triple AIt, a payment gateway for cryptocurrency. and war. Worldometers It is a data website. To select the country with the highest merchant Bitcoin profit in the world.

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Most Profitable Bitcoin Traders in the world.

According to the study presented in Switzerland, the best returns for all investors are in Switzerland. It is worth 1,268 dollars and has the most successful and profitable traders. However, it ranked sixth, where he invested 1.8% of the population in cryptocurrency.

As I started to study it with data from Chainalysis, which showed the biggest 25 countries in the world making gains in Bitcoin in the year 2020.

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Study Standards

The study ranked the countries’ remaining 23 with the lowest overall score ranked first and the highest score ranked last. Three measures were used to rank countries using a weighted index:

1) How much per capita Bitcoin gained in that country, which was based on data chainalysis.

2) based on statistics from Triple E and (wordmeters), the percentage of citizens in each country investing in cryptocurrency is the highest adoption rate.

3) How much money did each investor make in Bitcoin.

The data also showed that Switzerland has the most successful bitcoin traders in the world, and it came out ahead of France in terms of the best trading country for bitcoin.

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While many other countries did well in some trading categories. Except if France was the only country that fared better than average in terms of the percentage of the population that invested in cryptocurrencies. And in terms of the gains Bitcoin for each investor. As a result, it was able to achieve the highest overall rating and claim the title of “Best Bitcoin Trading Country.”

Other results of the study

Distance France Which came first, ranked the Czech Republic and Belgium in 2nd and 3rd place in terms of the best trading countries for Bitcoin.

Then followed, to name a few: Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Japan, Ukraine, South Korea, and Italy.

Argentina, Vietnam, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Brazil and Turkey were also among the important countries that came up in the study results.

Occupied India ranked 23. In general, the rank of 4 In terms of the percentage of the population that invests in cryptocurrencies, rank 24 In terms of gains in bitcoin for each trader,

As for Ukraine, it had the highest percentage of cryptocurrency investors by 12.7%. But the lowest average profit is 72 dollars per investment.


What do Chainalysis do?

Answer: Chainalysis Reactor connects cryptocurrency trading to real-world activity.

Is Chainalysis a cryptocurrency?

Chainalysis Kryptos is the industry reference directory for on-chain cryptocurrency services

Who uses Chainalysis?

Answer: Companies Currently Using Chainalysis
Company Name Website Country
PayPal US
Circle US
Blockdaemon US
Genesis KR

Which country is the most successful bitcoin trader in the world?

The World’s Most Successful Bitcoin Traders Are From Switzerland, While France Is the Best Bitcoin Trading Nation, Invezz Study Shows

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