TikTok new feature 2022- TikTok does not want its teen users to get into serious challenges by launching Launching TechCrunch

TikTok new featur 2022- TikTok does not want its teen users to get into serious challenges by launching Launching TechCrunchTikTok is once again protecting teenage users from the dangerous challenges found on its social media, by offering security-focused features in Europe and Australia.

Measures include evidence in a permanent app that encourages teens to participate in the “fourth steps” process to quit smoking and to think, decide and act before engaging in an online challenge.

TikTok new featur 2022

Special policy categories for malicious actions and challenges in the list of reports are also useful to facilitate users to report problematic challenges and specific security videos from curated content creators.

It is paid to users under the age of 18 through feeds for you to raise awareness of security issues around the challenge.

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TikTok update 2022

In an example video from the #SaferTogether campaign, the TikTok creator considers illustrating a scenario in which an emergency department paramedic is figuring out who is being treated for serious injuries after a fall in an attempt to emulate parkour. What to tell a young patient who is on the go.

Launching TechCrunch

Launching TechCrunch, Thursday, Feb. 24, they imitate victims of the circulating video but without having the skills to do tricks safely, and with this feature to get kids to think before they try something equally silly.

The China-based company continues to be the target of significant complaints about user protection in EU territory, which has led the European Commission to actively monitor its policies.

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Besides the announcement, TikTok said it is making a financial contribution to Western Sydney University to support further research on online challenges, and shared the research data with the university’s Center for Youth and Resilience Research for this purpose.

Tiktok video-sharing platform

Tiktok did not specify how much was donated to the university. The video-sharing platform faced months of scrutiny by European Union regulators after consumer protection and privacy complaints, and an emergency intervention in Italy last year related to concerns about blackout challenges facing local media attributed to the death of a child.

Children’s Online Protection Act

Meanwhile, in the US, tech executives from major platforms have come under fire from lawmakers over the issue, leading to several bills being proposed, including the more recent Children’s Online Protection Act. recent.

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How to get tiktok views?

  • TikTok 6 tricks to get more views

What does TikTok take into account to promote content?

In order of importance, the application takes into account:

  • Views (whether viewed in its entirety or viewed multiple times)
  • shared
  • Comments
  • Likes

1 – Help classify your content

When TikTok learns about which videos a user likes the most, it takes into account the description, the texts within the video, the audio, the hashtags, and they even say that it takes into account what happens in the video, distinguishing a person dancing or a dog. 

Keep this in mind, and take advantage of it to reach your target audience.

2 – Use popular music

Use popular music, with which many users have interacted.

3 – Use hashtags

TikTok also collects videos using hashtags, so whenever it’s relevant, be sure to add your own.

Some users also argue that if you use the hashtags #foryou #foryoupage or #parati, there are more chances of appearing on this page, although we have not verified this yet.

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4 – Duration of the videos

Although you can make videos up to one minute long, that doesn’t mean you should. Every viewer is different, but in general it’s best to limit it to 15 seconds, as there’s a higher chance the user will see everything.

5 – Get what users stay in the video

For TikTok to understand that your video is interesting, make sure that users stay until the end. Videos that add a “Wait for it” or “Watch what happens now” text are very successful.

On the other hand, when a video ends, it will play again. If the user sees it again, TikTok gives you a pin and understands that you have a bad video. To motivate this, you can opt for ‘seamless loops’, that is, your video ends the same way it begins.

6 – What is the best time to post on TikTok? 

In Spain, the busiest hours on TikTok are usually from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., when people have already finished work/school and are looking to entertain themselves at home. 

Globally, it follows a similar schedule, although somewhat sooner. 

Again, every community is different, so pay attention to your stats. Maybe you find your niche from 2 to 3, when people rest to eat, or maybe you have a large public from a country across the pond and you must adjust the publication hours

On average, when a user opens the TikTok app (video-sharing platform), they are consuming content for 10 minutes. It is three times more than on Instagram. This is due to the TikTok algorithm, which shows the content that the user will like the most on the ‘For you‘ or ‘For you‘ page. 


What are the new features of TikTok?

Answer- Launching TechCrunch

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