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Apprentice Jobs 2019: Believe These Popular Myths Related To The Brain-


Apprentice Jobs 2019: Recently, the government has taken some steps to give small company more opportunities to apprentice, and to give the opportunity of apprenticeship to the youth. Now the organization has increased the maximum number of trainee employees from 10% to 15%

Apprentice Jobs 2019: Apprenticeship will now be more chance for the youth    युवाओं के लिये अब पहले से ज्यादा होंगे अप्रेंटिसशिप के मौके | 

Apprentice Jobs 2019

With this, now it has been made necessary for those firms to hire apprentices where 30 employees are working from work to work. Previously this figure was 40 employees

Although it is expected that there will be an increase in the cost of the firm, but the government believes that apprenticeship Globally is a very best way of skill training because it gives young people a chance to learn as well as earning.

Apprentices account for more than 0.1% of the workforce employed in the country, ie only 3 lac people.
Whereas in case of other countries, in the UK this figure is 1.5% 5 lac, 2.5% in China i.e. 2 crores and in Germany 5% ie 25 lac.

Along with this, the stipend available has now been fixed from 5 to Rs9000 within the qualification, apart from which the firm now employs 4 to 29 employees, they can hire apprentices if they want. Earlier this figure 6 was of 60 employees.


Do you believe these popular myths related to the brain?

Do you believe these popular myths related to the brain?
Do you believe these popular myths related to the brain?

If you have spent some free time on the Internet, then you must have encountered the concept of brain and left brain. According to which if there are people who believe in logical factors, then your right brain is strong, if you give priority to arts and imagination, then your left brain is powerful.

Actually it is true that the left and right side of our brain is very different from each other, but it is a myth that the logo can be divided as left brain and right brain logo.

Studies have proved that brain having a complex organ of the brain is not possible. You can be a single time logical as well as a critique. Some such people whose knowledge would be great interest.

Only 10% have been used in life. It is completely a myth that only 10% of the brain is used and the remaining 90% do not use the brain at all. Instead, it is fair to say that due to factors like Motivation, Health, Sleep, we are not always able to work with our maximum mental capacity, the fact is that we use different parts of the brain while differentiating.

Your memories are 100% true, there are many errors and faults in our brain, out of these, whenever we rod an old event, it gives effect to our current feeling and mindset, due to which its form changes, To do this, we cannot remember any experiment precisely, which is why the importance of diary journal and to-do list is more important.


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