Exe Stock Exchange hosts Blockchain Economy Summit to be held in Istanbul

Exe Stock Exchange hosts the Blockchain Economy Summit: Istanbul hosts the fourth annual edition of the Economy Summit on blockchain. Turkey is one of the most accepting countries for cryptocurrency.

This edition of the Istanbul Economic Summit aims to bring together the brightest minds in the industry, investors, media, regulators, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, under one umbrella.

Featured Sponsor of the Blockchain Economy Summit

The cryptocurrency exchange announced exe AAx for its participation as a featured sponsor of the Istanbul Blockchain Economic Summit 2022. It is the largest Eurasia blockchain event of the year, and one of the elite gatherings in the global cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

Exe Stock Exchange hosts Blockchain Economy Summit

And celebrated exe sponsoring this influential event, which is expected to witness the attendance of more than 3000 people from more than 55 countries, with a prominent presence at Istanbul Airport. This attracted the attention of thousands of people who will enter the country during the next two days for the summit and for the stock exchange as well.

Additionally, a pavilion has been employed by a team of experts who were available throughout the summit to showcase the company’s products and services. They also had fruitful conversations with potential clients and partners on a variety of issues and gave them a demonstration of their solutions.

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Turks are flocking to cryptocurrency

Prepare Turkey The center of the crypto community in the region, locals are increasingly adopting crypto as a safe haven to preserve their financial savings.

According to a recent study conducted by Forester Forrester commissioned by exe Nearly 13.6 million people, or approximately 16% of Turkey’s population, own the leading currency, Bitcoin. which makes Istanbul a suitable host for such notable blockchain events.

Exe Stock Exchange hosts Blockchain Economy Summit to be held in Istanbul-
Exe Stock Exchange hosts Blockchain Economy Summit to be held in Istanbul-

Among the top cryptocurrency leaders and speakers who will be joining the global conversation are Alex Bornakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation in Ukraine and a businessman Karl Ronevelt, and Michael Saylor, from the company micro-strategy MicroStrategy, and many others.

It also joins the list of speakers at the Summit Blockchain Number of representatives from Bursa exeincluding Vice President of Global Marketing aka Ben Kesslin, Head of Research and Strategy, and Head of the Impact Lab Timothy Wong as well as the country director of Anatolia Turkey.

He said The son of Kislin:

“Our presence at the top of Istanbul also represents our expansion into Turkey as one of our target markets. In Turkey, an understanding of bitcoin and digital assets goes beyond trading and investing alone.”

“Digital assets including stablecoins are a necessity here and EXI is ready to serve this market beyond the confines of its urban centers to realize the benefits of digital assets for all.”

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Exe has a growing community presence in Turkey

Turks’ growing interest in cryptocurrencies, coupled with the shutdown of shady exchanges that have left thousands of their customers unable to access their funds, has worried regulated platforms like Exe to expand their business in the country.

and to be exe Part of the domestic crypto scene, the exchange has set Anadolu Aydinli As its Country Director in Turkey, as a Turkish-American lawyer with an MA in Crypto Arbitration.

Fill Aydinli Previously played roles on other major crypto exchanges such as Binance Binance And the Bypet Bybit. He is also a board member and advisory member of several fintech projects, in addition to being a columnist for a newspaper Carrare Karar.

Aydinli said:

“Everyone with a goal has to be as entrenched as possible in a crucial market like Turkey, but we go a step further by explicitly focusing on local partnerships, sustainability and philanthropy. We have one of the most crypto-local teams in Turkey at the moment, with a deep exchange and product knowledge to help accelerate our growth in this market we call home.”

He continued:

“We are ready not only to continue the journey of digital asset adoption in Turkey but also to help our users reach their fullest potential through our products.”

Exe Stock Exchange’s Efforts

hosted exe In Istanbul before the summit, Blockchain Live, a successful event that saw the local crypto community gather in a panel discussion with speakers such as Erin Ozkan, Director and Vice President of Master Card, Sima Backtas, the founder of Crypto Family Turkey, Crypto Female Turkey, and Max Laurea, CEO of inov T EnoughTea: with management Kislin from exe for discussion.

Exe’s participation in the Blockchain Economy Summit also represents a new iteration of its efforts to gauge the adoption of cryptocurrencies at the grassroots level across the globe, providing unique insights after a year of increased interest in the industry.

On the other hand, she stated exe Last month they are currently expanding hiring, which is in sharp contrast to the slew of job cuts and hiring freezes at many companies involved in the crypto space.

In addition, the prominent platform has “hundreds of roles” available across many functions as the number of employees increased this year to support its global expansion plans.

It will also open exe Additional offices to support new markets and add employees to expand expertise and product lines.

The good news comes amid a downturn in the cryptocurrency markets that has led to a wave of high-profile layoffs, layoffs, and staff cuts at major players.

And on top of this news was Queen Biz Coinbasewhich cut about 1,100 jobs, or 18% of its workforce, and Jiminy Gemini which allowed 10% of its employees to leave.

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