Blog Writing in 2021: Great earning option for college students in 2021 for Making Money

Blog Writing in 2021: Great earning option for college students in 2021: In this internet and digital age, innumerable people in the country and the world are earning very well through various digital and internet from Blogging, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Digital Product, Online Services etc.

And it is also true that nowadays a large number of people, including India and abroad, have their livelihood through online medium. Has been By uploading their videos on YouTube, how many people have made their own special identity in the country and the world through their talent.

Similarly, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are also improving people’s personal life as well as professional life. College students also often determine their career goals right from their college days and they start looking for new ways to earn some extra income right from their college days.

Blog Writing in 2021

For this, college students do not want to give up any part-time job or any opportunity to take a freelancing project according to their ability and start Blog Writing in 2021. In such a situation, if you find a way that is completely under your control but gives you a fairly good income, then how was it?

Blog Writing in 2021: Blog Writing idea in 2021
Blog Writing in 2021: Blog Writing idea in 2021

Yes! This is very true. We are talking about – blog writing and good income that can be made from it, which you can easily do on your laptop from the room of your college hostel.

While studying in your college, consider the option of blog writing well. Nowadays, the popularity of blogging is increasing continuously as most people are joining blogging. You can also earn a lot of money easily through blog writing.

All you have to do is to do the marketing of your blog properly. If you like this idea of ​​ours, then here we are presenting some important suggestions for you, how to start your blog writing and earn well from it?

Blog Writing in 2021: Great earning option for college students in 2021 for Making Money
Blog Writing in 2021: Great earning option for college students in 2021 for Making Money

How to start a blog in 2021

Starting your own blog is an easy process for you. You can start your blog writing easily. But, before you decide to start your own blog, you should choose the topic of your blog writing.

It is good that you start your blog from any topic of your choice. who want to start blogging but now these days Blog Writing in 2021 not a easy task but any learn and start.

Start your own blog

For example, suppose you are interested in cooking, then you can start your own blog with tips and tricks for making food and sweets. If you like traveling then you can write a travel blog.

There are many topics to start a blog. First of all try to find out which subject is most interested in you and then you start writing on that subject. When your topic is fixed, you can start writing your blog. For this, you must follow the points mentioned below, such as:

  • Keep these points in mind when choosing your blogging platform

Blogging platforms

Blogging platforms are mainly websites that people use to create their blogs. Blogger and WordPress are the two most used blogging platforms by people. On either of these two platforms, you create your ID and they will guide you through the process of setting up your blog.

Blog Hosting is also Important for You

Let us tell you that, platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc. give you free and paid version to build your blogging site. However, free versions provide limited services and many functions are not available.

Due to the presence of many web hosting companies online in the market, you can also host your website yourself.

Blog Writing in 2021: Best Hosting company
Blog Writing in 2021: Best Hosting company

You can buy hosting from an online website by paying a low annual fee. If you want for suggestion which Hosting company is better than other hosting company for start Blog Writing in 2021.

We and out teams will suggest you about hosting company that which much better and convenience for fresher who early start and who will start blogging in 2021. You can ask about that in direct through mail or in comment box.

Name the Blog

It is very important for you to choose the right and attractive name for your blog. You must think of your blog not only as a website, but also as a brand. The name you choose last should be related to the topic and content of your blog.

You try to make this name short in words, attractive and easy to remember. You can also see names available on domain buying websites. You should always buy a name with the domain ‘.com, .org or .net’.

Blog Writing in 2021: Name Your Blog
Blog Writing in 2021: Name Your Blog

Your blog design should be attractive

Design Your Blog Attractive- Once you have created your blog and received your admin credentials then go to your admin dashboard to customize your blog to your liking.

There are many pre-defined themes and designs on platforms such as WordPress and Blogger from which you can choose a design of your choice for your blog. Attractive designing of your blog will make your blog writing more effective.

Blog Writing in 2021: Design Your Blog Attractive
Blog Writing in 2021: Design Your Blog Attractive

Post useful content on the blog

Now, when you have set up your blog well, now is the time to start posting content on your blog. Remember that ‘Content is King’. Therefore, you make sure that you post appropriate and useful content, which is useful for your users.

You should make every effort to maintain the number of articles posted on your blog or a fixed routine. When you want to earn money from your blog, you need to market it and the content you post is a very important part of this process.

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Important tips to make money from blog

When studying in a college, when you think about making money from your blog, the first and most important thing is that you post only appropriate and useful content on your blog. Then you find ways to earn money from your blog.

  • Following are the easiest ways for college students to earn money from their blog:
Blog Writing in 2021: Trick for earn Money online
Blog Writing in 2021: Trick for earn Money online

Income will be from advertisements

Advertising is one such special way through which most bloggers start earning money from their blogs. This model of how you make money from your blog is very similar to the way a magazine or newspaper advertises.

Once enough and steady incoming users traffic starts coming to your website, you will emerge as a brand and advertisers will give you money to deliver their advertisements to your site or blog to show their products to your users.

You can also use ad networks like ‘Google Ad Sense’ to publish advertisements on your website. This network acts as an intermediary between you and the advertiser and due to its mediation, you avoid many kinds of problems.

Ways to get affiliate income

This is better and become easy way for beginner in blogging 2021. You have to learn some idea and trick how to writing a attractive blog from Blog Writing in 2021 As a good example of this, you link a product in your blog that is being sold on another website like Amazon etc.

When your user clicks on that link and buys that product, you get a fixed commission amount on that product. This model is beneficial only when you have a large number of users and the product you display is useful to most of your users.

Blog Writing in 2021: Join Affiliate Marketing
Blog Writing in 2021: Join Affiliate Marketing

Offering Services

A lot of bloggers these days have given their blog a platform to sell various services to their readers. These services range from coaching and consulting to proofreading, copywriting, designing and many other freelance activities. Blogs serve as personal online portfolios for such people.

This helps the bloggers to showcase their talent to prospective employees and gets a lot of praise from other peers related to their field of work.

Career as a social media expert

Therefore, now make a fresh start and create your blog in 2021. Then, market your blog properly on relevant channels. To increase your users, you put your full strength. Once you have a good base of your users, then you start earning money from your blog. You can start a blog on

To know more about jobs, interviews, careers, colleges, educational institutions, academic and professional courses and to read the latest articles.

Blog Writing in 2021: Career as a social media expert
Blog Writing in 2021: Career as a social media expert

You Should Start a blog or any type of online work. If any queries feel free to mail us at, Our team will contact you and they suggest which better for you online journey in initial stage wherever you feel need.

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