David Beckham and Ronaldinho join the Metaverse world both Football Star

David Beckham and Ronaldinho join the Metaverse World. Many international sports teams rushed to announce their partnership with crypto exchanges, and some clubs created digital tokens for their fans to reserve a seat in the world of Metaverse.

David Beckham and Ronaldinho join the Metaverse.

In this context, the legendary athletes launched David Beckham and Ronaldo’s personal branding in a whole new way within the world of Metaverse. With these two big names making big moves in the cryptocurrency world, fans may find themselves able to enjoy their football like never before with the launch of Ronaldinho. His new cryptocurrency rune (RON) almost. And in his footsteps walked the sports legend, David Beckham, announcing the NFT CodesNFT, especially for his fans.

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Beckham and NFT tokens

Get involved, David Beckham. In the world of cryptocurrencies and highly non-fungible tokens. It has become Beckham’s brand ambassador for Digital Bits Blockchain, DigitalBits blockchain. In addition to this development, Beckham is reported to have applied for trademarks for the NFT icons and NFT virtual clothes, in addition to entertainment events in the world of Metaverse, as well as more digital assets that appear similar to the virtual world.

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Ronaldinho and the RON coin.

Discover Ronaldinho! There are many unique opportunities in the world of the metaverse. After issuing NFT tokens, he continued his steps in the metaverse and announced that he would soon be in Nissan, April 28th, to launch a new cryptocurrency bearing the symbol Rune RON.

Hopes Ronaldinho to be currency rune A tool for fans to communicate with each other better. As holders of this token will be able to use it to attend virtual events, and trade tokens NFTs Featuring a football icon. Furthermore, Ronaldinho will honor their own creativity.

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With diving David Beckham And Ronaldinho? In the new world of digital collectibles, it remains to be seen whether any of these collectibles will reach the high values ​​once enjoyed by rare sports memorabilia. Will the players’ project be successful in the sports arena of the world of the Metaverse?

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