Intel Launches a chip for cryptocurrency mining for energy-efficient hashing

Intel Launches a chip for cryptocurrency mining: Company announced Intel about a new chip for crypto-mining, the new chip is known as Block Scale BlockscaleAnd it will be more energy efficient than other hashing SHA-256 which is commonly used in mining Bitcoin.

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Intel Launches a chip for cryptocurrency mining

The company has mentioned Intel that the production of this new chip would not harm the production of its CPUs and GPUs.

Worth noting, that the chip production process Blockscale It will not be the same as the ones used by the CPU and GPUs. This may mean that it is using an older technology, but is probably using a very modern node instead.

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On the other hand, it has identified a company Intel Earlier, two generations of its own cryptocurrency chip, known as Bonanza Mine. Where the first generation was more than a prototype, while the second generation was the basis for the integrated circuit for applications, Blockscale that we see today.

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It is possible that you Blockscale Using a different design than the company’s CPUs Intel which were mostly created by Intel Own, GPU-generated by TSMC However, it may use a different capacity than its other products.

On the other hand, entry is Intel In cryptocurrency mining, is an interesting thing in itself, as the general manager said Rapid Computing and Graphics (AXG) Systems Group In Company Intel, Raja Koduri:

“Technical Blockchain A powerful tool for futuristic computing, the company has formed a group Custom Compute Group To focus on accelerating workloads, including cryptocurrency mining.”

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It should be noted, that mining Bitcoin It doesn’t affect the GPU supply too much today, as the coin has moved away Bitcoin Far beyond the capabilities of the card mediocre graphics, turned into ASICs The most powerful.

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