Opera Support 8 Blockchain: Opera Browser Announces Support for Eight Blockchain Chains in an Important Move for Web3

Opera Support 8 Blockchain: can Opera Provide entry to Blockchain Variety, including Solana, and Polygon. Its representatives also indicate that they have united with a browser opera To prove their competence in front of the appearance web3 Expected.

Opera Support 8 Blockchain

The change enables users to access a suite of decentralized applications and transaction patterns with low gas fees. as announced opera attributing it to IXO and the Nervos DAO and the StarkEx. In addition to chains Blockchain Famous likes Celo, And the Bitcoin BTC and the Polygon and the Solana.

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This move is likely to expand the browser’s portfolio that is compatible with the applications of the virtual universe.”metaverse decentralization.

The company also indicated that its new features allow access to services such as those provided by the cryptocurrency trading platform Diversify DiversiFi Based on Starkex StarkEx.

The company also emphasizes that Al-Sail is from adopting Blockchain Accelerate the future web 3 Expected with zero carbon emissions and dwindling gas fees. and polygon Apparently it will embody those advantages.

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Polygon symbiosis with chains

I managed Polygon of merging with those eight chains of Blockchain cash all in one. The credit goes to the cryptocurrency browser project that was employed at the beginning of this year. The ultimate goal is to seamlessly navigate decentralized applications based on the Internet experience available today..

It is also believed that innovation web3 Not block chains Blockchain. But it is a decentralized body that relies a lot on cryptocurrencies. Instead of promoting venture capital to start a business, The cryptocurrency Provides the authority with direct access to the general public.

Certainly projects Cryptocurrencies In the advertising process, the days of venture capital are numbered. And for the browser opera It’s a small browser, but other browsers will follow in its footsteps.

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