What is SEO: How to Plan a complete SEO strategy for your site in 2021?

What is SEO:  The Terms SEO Search Engine Optimization – Do You know what is SEO ? lets know SEO is a sentence that does not leave anyone interested in working on the Internet. 

You find it frequent by e-marketing experts, you find it from time to time in discussions of content writers, you find it a condition in the job advertisement, as well as a job in itself. So what are these letters, and what do they symbolize? How is it used? This is what will be covered in the next lines.

SEO Made Simple: Here Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

What is SEO ?

What is SEOSEO is a term for Search Engine Optimization, which is an important process that helps Google identify your activity of any type, and distinguishes it by displaying it in the first results of the search. You can compare Google to magnets, SEO to metal. The more SEO, rank fast, more traffic your website has, the faster it will help Google find you.

What is SEO: How to Plan a complete SEO strategy for your site in 2021?
What is SEO: How to Plan a complete SEO strategy

The SEO used in websites can be divided into:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

1. On-page SEO

On-page SEO : If you better understand that What is SEO This is the procedure taken to prepare the content of pages for appearance in search engines. This process is based mainly on the keywords, the level of competition for them, and the strength of their significance with the audience. 

Through some steps and proportions, keywords can be used as an effective part in improving your page’s visibility in the search engine of your website.

On-page SEO
On-page SEO

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO : It is a set of procedures that prepare a site to appear in search results, based on the links being used, not the content. 

Here, emphasis is placed on the strength of the links that are attached to the page, so that it gives the page more power and authority among search engines.

Off-page SEO-What is SEO: How to Plan a complete SEO strategy for your site in 2021?
Off-page SEO

Technical SEO : It is the process responsible for fully configuring the site for search engines, especially the code or code that is assigned to each page. Google cares about the website code, just as it does about the content and links that are there as well.

The importance of SEO for websites

SEO is the utmost importance for any websites, and it helps to:

  • To appear in the competition arena as a strong and professional opponent and top in the search results.
  • Giving more credibility to the website, its mental image and its status.
  • It helps the audience reach you faster and more easily.
  • It helps increase awareness about your website and its activity among the target audience.
  • Helps give the target audience a satisfying browsing experience.
  • It helps increase the traffic and time the audience spends on your online platform.
  • It helps you reach your audience at the lowest cost compared to sponsored ads.
  • It helps you stay competitive in the long and short term, unlike ads that only keep you in the advertised period.

All of these features help you achieve a strong SEO strategy. How is this strategy created, and what does it consist of? This is what will be covered in the following lines.

How do you create a complete SEO strategic plan?

How do you create a complete SEO strategic plan?
How do you create a complete SEO strategic plan?

What is SEO and how it works?

What is SEO: This is the basic rule that you must know. You, like you, like other websites, want to win the many benefits of SEO, and you want t
o be on top in search engine results. 

This is required of course, but it takes your effort to achieve it. This field does not accept half solutions, or half plans. If you want to be on top of websites, you must follow the following plan completely:

1. Put yourself in the place of Google

Google is not your enemy, it does not want to be hostile to you personally, so it tightens the screws on you with complicated terms. It just strives to provide the best service to its user.

Think about it if you searched for a specific word, and found that first page results were not specific to what you were searching for. The command was repeated once, a second, three and ten, are you going to try the search engine again ?!

SEO and the SERP

Of course not, and this is what Google seeks to avoid. Its reliance on SEO and the SERP Search Engine Result Page ) mechanism is based entirely on choosing the best results that the user is looking for, and showing them in the first search results. So the more accurate and relevant your content is to what the user is searching for, the more positive this is in favor of your website’s visibility.

What is SEO strategy

From this perspective, you can understand the first step in developing your SEO strategy, as the whole plan must be based on keywords that the audience is searching for, and websites compete for.

Do not try to be different and use the phrase “the round witch” instead of the word “soccer”. Do not add the (the) to the words that the audience is searching for without definition. Do not remove the definition for words that are used publicly. Don’t use nicknames or metaphors as the keywords you are targeting. In short, be specific, be brief, be precise, be like Google.

2. Audience and speak their language

Your audience is your trump card to be a close friend of Google, through which you can get first search results due to the number of visits they make to you, or the time they spend following your submitted content. He joined B SEO is: concerned with the public .

Your audience has a set of aspirations that they want to fulfill. If he finds these needs on your platform, why would he go to another platform ?! If you want to enter the vegan market, for example, and need to win over a segment of your target audience, what is the first thing you need to do?

How to do SEO

It is unreasonable to go to someone who loves meat and savors it, and directs him a violent speech about the harmful effects of this diet on his health. Rather, you should be smartly leaning into your product. First, understand why he loves meat so much? Is it because of its delicious taste ?!

Let him know, then, that the misconception about the taste of bad vegetarian food is completely unfounded. Offer him a set of delicious preparation methods through which he can relish the taste of your food. 

Know More What is SEO

Use phrases that serve your campaigns and are not far from the terminology used for advertising to meat. Do not make the client feel that you are keeping him away from his safe harbor and the pleasure he enjoys in life, just tell him what he experiences after other pleasures, and make him want to know more about it.

The same thing, when it comes to selling electrical products. If your strategy is to place products on the website and leave them for the public to interact with. It is certainly a useless strategy. But if you take into account the expectations and aspirations of the audience in this area, Google will undoubtedly reward you.

Instead of directing the audience to your product directly, know first why they need to buy this device? Teach him the appropriate way to work with the required efficiency for the longest time possible. 

Give him additional value by giving him other ways of using him that he did not know before. All of these methods help in understanding the target audience, and help you attract them to your website, and also help Google to classify you as a site that answers the audience’s questions with the required accuracy.

Sites help you understand your audience

You can understand your audience well either by resorting to published audience studies, or by resorting to electronic tools that help you, such as Moz’s Keyword Explorer , or by searching what is on this audience’s mind through what is published on Quora , Reddit.

You can also create initial surveys , to better understand your audience. You can also resort to these sites to inform about all the marketing research developments.

3. Create a list that contains the keywords that you have derived from your audience’s interest

After reaching the keywords that the audience is searching for, and the topics that concern them. You can invest this in creating a set of sentences in which the keyword plays an active role in preparing your site for appearance in the search engine.

Let’s explain it with an example, let’s say you found that recent searches have focused on travel to Japan. Here you will articulate various possibilities in which the word Japan can be available and which customers search for a lot. 

Let’s say, for example (Your brief guide to travel to Japan – All you need to know about flying Japan – 9 things you should know about homes in Japan – Watch out for Japan’s weather – An overview of the customs and traditions of Japan – The 7 best tourist attractions in Japan – and so on …)

This is a successful strategy that helps you compete for a strong keyword, as well as helping you to confer benefit and value on the audience.

4. Arrange the pages on your website

Google is very interested in archiving and arranging pages within the website. If your site is having trouble with it, then you are having trouble with Google as well. So for every content you do, create its own page. 

If we want to focus on the sub-sentences that we extracted in the previous point, the content for travel to Japan will be on its own page, and the same is true for Japan Airlines, as well as customs, traditions and others. 

Segregating these pages makes them all compete to appear on the keyword more than they all appear on one page.

Imagine it

Imagine it with me.

  • Result 1: Your short guide to traveling to Japan,
  • Conclusion 2: All you need to know about Air Japan. 
  • Finding 3: things you should know about homes in Japan. 
  • They are all different topics competing for the keyword Japan, and they are all affiliated with one site that belongs to you. 
  • Is this better, or to appear in one result,
  • who knows who will be the first or last, or not appear at all ?!
5. Create a blog for your business

The blog is your personal card for Google. Through it, it can notice you, and through it, it can make you the first in the race to be the first in the search results. Why ?

Create a blog for your business
Create a blog for your business

Because the blog gives you the freedom that the website, with its various divisions or pages, does not give you. You cannot compete for a specific keyword on your site, as powerful as blogging gives you

It should be noted here that this certainly does not mean that you write the keywords in your blog in an exaggerated manner in order to appear in the search engines, as this point is completely wrong and will weaken your appearance in the search engines. 

The only way you can use a blog and have a strong keyword impact is for you to use the power of your content.

6. Provide rich, professional content that your audience needs

In the previous steps, we agreed that you get to know the aspirations and hopes of the audience well. But is that enough?

Of course not, the knowledge is not sufficient at all, rather it must be converted into rich information that is presented to the public in an attractive way, so that it is easy for him to digest and be affected by it effectively.

Type of Audience

If your audience is looking to keep up with fashion and the world of fashion, provide them with a well-known influencer who gives them periodic advice about this world. 

If your audience is eager to buy electronic games, then dedicate a section to everything that comes out of this world. If your audience loves luxury jewelry, tell them about the history of the designs that adorn your jewelry, who wore them like celebrities, and why their price is not comparable to their precious value at all. 

If your audience likes to buy different and western things, focus on becoming the site’s message that you commend its difference and distinguish it from the others.

Ideas For your content

All of these ideas enrich your content, and make the target audience spend more time browsing your content, which will give you a recommendation from the Google search engine. It is advised here that you write the content on your blog permanently. 

Even if you can top the search results once, remember that there are other competitors, who practice the same methods that you used, and may outperform you at any moment. So it is best for you to stick with your progress and improve it permanently.

7. Link Building
  • Using external links as a strong support to improve the visibility of your website

Link-building, or what is known as a link-building strategy, is a strategy that improves the authority of a site and its priority in search engines. Let’s simplify it:

The link-building is similar to the supports that are added to a children’s wheel to help them use it freely and in a way that works for them. These links act as additional supports to improve the website’s strength and visibility in search engines. 

More chance to appearing in search engines

The more links a website has, the greater the chance of it appearing in search engines. These links may be represented in the sharing tools provided by the site for social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It can also be a space that you provide for the public to post external links on your website.

8. Zip all media before publishing it on your website

The process of loading data on your website and the period that the pages take to appear, play a pivotal role in Google’s process of preference between different websites. 

Therefore, if your site contains a variety of media, it will greatly contribute to prolonging the download time for attachments. What to do then ?!

File compression.

File compression is an easy way to solve this dilemma. There are many websites and add-ons that help you compress media and maintain its quality at the same time. 

This process will not only help you reduce the space for files that are loaded on the page, but it will give the visitor a fast browsing experience that satisfies them, which will satisfy Google as well.

File compression.
File compression.

You can use Tinypng or Squoosh to compress files with ease. You can also do this with a free WordPress plugin like Resmush.It , Wp Smush .

9. Follow the updates that are published periodically

Google always updates its SEO algorithms regularly. What is effective today may be useless tomorrow. Therefore, maintaining regular access to everything that is developed in this field, and applying it on your website, is an urgent necessity if you are constantly seeking to produce results.

You can easily follow this by following the following sites, which are sites interested in displaying everything new in the world of preparing pages to appear in search engines:

If you can follow these guidelines and apply them, not only will you have a successful website, but you will also be a close friend of Google, a niche that many compete around.

Do not forget what I consider to be the most important element of SEO, and which I see that everything is heading towards now and is the user experience itself .. We think You better understand What is SEO?

I strongly advise you to see this comprehensive guide about backlinks and how Google thinks about the user experience from here

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