4G SIM card support 5G service? Or will you require a new SIM? knowing precisely

4G SIM card support 5G service? The process of auctioning 5G spectrum in India is over, and now the country is ready for 5G services. According to the information, a big announcement could be made about this service on August 15, and after that, about 5G service. 5G services may be launched in October 2022

can be launched across the country by October.

4G SIM card support 5G service?

But the big question for users is whether 5G service can be offered only on 4G SIM or will a new SIM be needed? According to the information, it has been revealed that whenever there is a change in the service, the network operators inform the users to get a new SIM. However, the reality is different, and once it is revealed, you will embrace it. Let’s get into more information about it.

Released a new SIM for 3G after 2G

To know whether 5G service will be available on a 4G SIM or not, you have to know a little about the history of the mobile world. Mobile service in India started with 2G. However, in 2008, MTNL made its Indian debut with 3G. This was followed by BSNL’s 3G service, and after the spectrum auction in 2011,

The Private operators started their 3G services. In which there were companies like Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea. Interestingly, when the service was launched, the network operator advised users to get a new 3G SIM for the service. This service was not provided on the old SIM.

5G service will be provided on 4G SIM

The same thing happened in 4G after 3G. There will be no mention of Jio in this. Because Jio’s service itself started with 4G and for this a new SIM was needed. Now it is the turn of 5G service and then the question is whether 5G service will be provided on 4G SIM or need to get a new SIM?

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Will 5G service be available on a 4G sim only?

According to the information received, a new SIM is not required for 5G service. 5G service can also be given on a 4G SIM. But whether it offers new services to users on the same SIM or forces them to get a new SIM will depend on the operator.

According to India’s well-known mobile engineer Arshdeep Singh Nippeyji, ‘If the SIM is ready in the future, then 5G service can be provided on 4G SIM. No new sim is required for this. In case the SIM is not ready in future, operators can upgrade the 4G SIM to 5G by providing an OTA update.

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Mobile must be taken for 5G

Yes, to enjoy 5G services, you have to have a 5G mobile, because 5G technology will not work in 4G supported smartphone as both have different bandwidth, and also, for flying when you 3G launched your tab.

4G SIM card support 5G service
4G SIM card support 5G service

If mobile was 2G then you had to change your mobile and when 4G was launched then 3G supported mobile changed pada similar way to enjoy 5G service you have to take 5G smartphone, now age sees what 5G service provider does.

Can use 5G in 4G supported mobile

Yes, you can use 5G in 4G sim and 4G smartphone. But you may have to wait a while to use 5G service.
You can enjoy 5G service in 4G mobile absolutely through 5G WiFi. For this neither a 5G sim nor a 5G smartphone is needed. 5G service provider may soon launch 5G WiFi router.

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Which company is going to provide 5G?

The 5G service providers in India are Airtel 5G, Jio 5G, Vi 5G, and Adani Data Network [as per 5G auction]. Adani Data Networks will use mmWave 5G to create a unified digital platform.

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