Bill Gates warns of tax increases for cryptocurrency investors

Bill Gates warns of tax increases for cryptocurrency investors:- Billionaire Bill Gates his doubts about cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In an interview with him Bloomberg In February this year. He also expressed his concern about the attraction of ordinary people to magic Bitcoin. The crash in the cryptocurrency market, and the fall of the stablecoin has resulted in the collapse of the cryptocurrency market Luna. With this the Luna for the decline of other digital currencies. Likewise for Bitcoin Its value has decreased by 27% this month, while declining Ethereum in the rate of 36%.

Bill Gates warns of tax increases for cryptocurrency investors

. added Bill Gates In an interview in February:

“If you have money less than Which colorYou are likely to pay attention to your investment in the crypto market.”

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Will Bill Gates Pay Taxes?

Careful Bill Gates who previously stated that he will pay more taxes that the very high cryptocurrency taxes will lead to more tax evaders. He wondered if billionaires should pay more taxes given the wealth they own.

Pay the Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors ”Evergrande Hui Ka YanEvergrande Hui Ka Yan amount 8 Billions of dollars in cash while the developer has accumulated debts Walter Scott Jr., Friend and business partner Warren Buffett.

and declared Bill Gates He did not receive any questions about his position on the company Tesla on the site Reddit And that’s what pissed me off Elon Musk CEO Tesla which made him retract a possible charitable partnership with him.

to reply Bill Gates Earlier this month on criticism mask The Tesla sale has “nothing to do with climate change,” stressing that there is a difference between betting against a single electric car manufacturer and betting against electric cars in general.

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