Minh Supports Blockchain With $30 Million To Create Millions Of Jobs

Minh Supports Blockchain With $30 Million To Create Millions Of Jobs: According to Vietnamese Billionaire Mai Vu Minh Create virtual world Headquartered in Switzerland Metaworld Blockchain, Vietnamese billionaire Mai Vu Minh has invested in a company that it says will create millions of jobs worth $30 million in its virtual world. (according to a press release).

Minh Supports Blockchain

As the billionaire said, Minh Group CEO Saba Thali SAPA Thale:

“You will create Meta World (METAD) Millions of jobs for developers and creators and it will be one of the most advanced digital infrastructures in the world.”

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And according to the CEO, Michael Sam:

The virtual ecosystem will be developed in six areas (Smart Contracts, Financial Services, Money Playing Games, Supply Chain, Healthcare, and Cryptocurrency) to serve the ecosystem and partners METAD all over the world.”

Aims Saba Thali to create”big digital economyIt will open within the virtual world (currently under construction) with users able to sell both physical and digital products.

And he said Minh:

“Can lead to the use of Blockchain To provide unprecedented security, trust, automation and efficiency for virtually any type of transaction.”

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